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UPSC Prelims Answer Keys 2021 | What were your marks in the CSE 2021?

upsc prelims answer key

Well, why not…. it’s a roller coaster ride and I would love to share it. First, I would like to tell you when the journey started. 

I started the journey of the UPSC Examination in 2018 itself. Newbie to the journey, just started swimming in the river, without knowing swimming even, so anyone could guess the result.

Appeared in the exam without creating the foundation, still hoping for the miracle to happen when UPSC Prelims result will be announced. So UPSC Prelims result was announced and I got the jolt that was in any way going to happen.

Shattered but still recollected myself and pulled up my shocks for 2019. In this attempt, I was not going to let any stone unturned. The journey reached the point when again I had to appear in the UPSC Prelims examination, I appeared and attempted the paper with all seriousness. This time I was satisfied that I have given my heart and soul to the journey. This time I was expecting to get through with this first hurdle. So, again I started checking UPSC Prelims Answer Keys2021  and after cross-checking I was more confidant to get through. 

Guess what… the result was announced and I was getting through with the first hurdle. Started rushing towards the second hurdle, and it’s a different story…. This hurdle was a big disappointment for me, as did the blunder by segregating Prelims and Mains preparation.

GS paper somehow went well in UPSC Mains but I just stuck with Essay and Ethics. Getting fewer numbers in the essay was my mistake as practiced less but getting fewer numbers in Ethics was, I didn’t get the right source to read about. But anyway the journey must go on….So again after taking some days’ break I came back to my journey.

2020th Journey

This time I had to cross all the hurdles. So, as once I was through with the UPSC Prelims, it was not a big issue, but still, a hunter should always beware…..so I was beware and did all the required preparations. The day came, I appeared in the exam again, it went well and I was satisfied too. But as long as you do not cross-check your answers you will not get peace ( at least in my case).

I cross-checked my answers with 2-3 UPSC Prelims Answer Keys ( Vision, Insight, and EDEN IAS( it was quite accurate)). With the marks I am getting I was satisfied that I will sail through, So, started waiting for the result and the day came and the result was announced. This time too I was got through. Marks for 2020, My marks were:

Paper I: 119.7                               Paper II: 96.18

But this time I didn’t waste much time in researching when the UPSC is going to announce Prelim’s result. This year I also joined EDEN IAS Essay and Ethics Test Series. For Ethics, I joined the ONLINE CRASH COURSE FOR UPSC MAINS program too. I get benefited from the test series and classes. Again the day came when I had to fight with my fear. Done with all the papers. All went well. After coming out with the result in the Ethics paper I found the edge of 20 marks in comparison to last year. Marks obtained were:


So got the call for an interview. It went well, but when the result came I was not on the list but I had to wait for some time as I was listed on the waiting list and got MY SELECTION IN INDIAN POSTAL SERVICE.

But the journey didn’t stop there only, I have also given this years interview and hoping that it will be converted to IFS…😊😊

Hope I have given you some inspiration…..as our failures make us do better than before and that’s the beauty of any journey.

Good Luck Guys!!!

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